Health & well-being

Group of people putting hands together
Podcast, 30 mins

SCHARR Communicable Research #29 - Dr Kate Fryer - Working with communities to co-produce research and reduce health inequalities

16 May 2024 09:00
Woman on sofa looking to the right
Podcast, 1 hr

SCHARR Communicable Research #28 - Dr Rebecca Mawson - Reducing Inequalities in Sexual Health

24 Apr 2024 09:00
Adult working with child and pointing to her mouth
Video, 3 mins

Speech Therapy and Communication in Young Adults

29 Apr 2024 09:00
An illustration of a couple sitting on a purple sofa in a living room, watching TV
Video, 5 mins

Animating Inclusion

9 May 2024 09:30
View of an audience from behind, sitting in front of a cinema screen watching a film with closed captions
Video, 5 mins

Rethinking Subtitles for Deaf Audiences

9 May 2024 09:35
Illustration of microbes
E-book, 0 sec

BioFest Zine

25 Nov 2024 09:00
A row of lightbulbs with the filaments spelling out words including 'diversity', 'gender' and 'equality'
Podcast, 29 mins

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and the Research Ethics Process

19 Mar 2024 09:00
A woman stands in a pharmacy reading a 'quit smoking' leaflet
Podcast, 1 hr

Quitting Cigarettes: Making Cessation Support Inclusive and Equitable

8 Feb 2024 09:00
It's All a Show big wheel design and title
Exhibit, 1 hr

It's All a Show 3D Exhibition Tour

Photograph of Mencap logo
Video, 5 mins

Social Accountability in Medicine: delivering impact through student placements

15 Mar 2024 09:00
A 'Head Up' collar, designed to support the head of people with motor neuron disease, on a cardboard model of a human head and shoulders
Video, 1 hr

Piecing Together the MND Puzzle

1 Mar 2024 10:00
Close up of chemistry experiment in lab
Video, 5 mins

The Julia Garnham Centre: Reducing backlogs for cancer patients

8 Nov 2023 09:00
A group of people playing African drums
Video, 1 hr

Together in Music

8 Jun 2023 10:00
Close-up view of a person playing an acoustic guitar
Video, 1 hr

The Power of Music

9 Mar 2023 10:00
Aerial view of green fields and farmlands in rural Wales
Video, 10 mins

H3: Transforming UK Food Systems from the Ground Up

19 Dec 2023 09:00
Two bottles of insulin and a needle
Podcast, 35 mins

Goodwill to Goodwin: Diabetes and the UK's first clinical trial of insulin

7 Dec 2023 09:00
Photo of ambulance zoomed in NHS logo
Podcast, 1 hr

The NHS at 75: What lies ahead for health research and the NHS?

8 Nov 2023 09:00
Woman Measuring Blood Sugar with a Glucose Meter
Podcast, 32 mins

Learning from the impact of Hypoglycaemia on society

2 Oct 2023 09:00
a picture of a women at a computer
E-book, 0 sec

Distraction Comix

30 Sep 2023 09:00
A set of brass scales sitting on a rainbow painted table
Podcast, 24 mins

Reducing Health Inequalities

8 Aug 2023 09:00
A laptop displaying a Facebook page sitting on a table next to a notepad and mug
Podcast, 26 mins

Health Misinformation and Infodemics

7 Sep 2023 09:00
A person holding a large bowl of a rice and meat dish
Podcast, 49 mins

Obesity in Ghana and Africa

10 Jul 2023 09:00
A woman using a laptop sits on a bed next to a small dog
Video, 1 hr

Being Autistic and Considering Diagnostic Assessment

11 Nov 2023 12:00
Two people holding hands
Video, 1 hr

Conversations About Palliative Care

2 Nov 2023 18:00