Park Hill flats building against a blue sky
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Understanding Society: A Festival of Social Science

Understanding Society: A Festival of Social Science

Showcasing the University of Sheffield’s world-leading social science researchers and their work on tackling some of the greatest problems facing society today.

A teacher writing phrases in difference languages on a blackboard
Podcast, 1 hr

Can I Boost My Memory?

8 Nov 2020 12:00
Illustration of people sitting at desks working on computers
Video, 42 mins

ESTEEM Safety Training

9 Nov 2020 10:00
Illustration of a cross-section of houses
Video, 1 hr

Tracking Our Health

10 Nov 2020 19:00
Illustration of people sitting at desks working on computers
Video, 40 mins

Behaviour in Teams

11 Nov 2020 10:00
Sao Paulo skyline
Video, 1 hr

My Home without Dengue Fever

11 Nov 2020 19:00
Illustration of people sitting at desks working on computers
Video, 50 mins

Clear Ideas for Creativity and Innovation

12 Nov 2020 10:00
Illustration of people sitting at desks working on computers
Video, 43 mins

H-Work: Interventions for Employee Well-being

13 Nov 2020 10:00
Television screens in a dark room
Video, 48 mins

Academics React to Reality TV

13 Nov 2020 19:00
Opening shot of I Am Human animated film  - police escorting a detainee from the back of a police van
Video, 30 mins

I Am Human

15 Nov 2020 14:00
Protest sign stating 'Parliament! Address systemic racism!'
Podcast, 40 mins

Black Lives Still Matter

1 Nov 2021 08:00
Illustration of inside a train - at the end of the carriage is a sign for the toilets
Video, 6 mins

Everyday Life with IBS

1 Nov 2021 09:00
Illustration of the UK overlaid with the word "mesothelioma"
Video, 35 mins

Living with Mesothelioma

1 Nov 2021 19:00
A school dinner hall with tables set
Podcast, 30 mins

Beyond Free School Meals

2 Nov 2021 08:00
Children wearing face masks and reading books in school
Video, 2 hrs

COVID, COP26 and Urban Schools

2 Nov 2021 16:30
Hands on a table
Podcast, 20 mins

No Leaders Here!

3 Nov 2021 08:00
Person holding a cup of tea
Video, 17 mins

The Power of Small Gestures

3 Nov 2021 12:30
Electric car charging
Video, 25 mins

Energy and Sustainability

3 Nov 2021 18:00
A person putting a coin in a piggy bank
Event, 1 hr

What's Your Money Story?

4 Nov 2021 18:00
Logo for 'Make it Grow' project
Video, 6 mins

Make it Grow

5 Nov 2021 12:30
Overhead view of a couple dancing
Video, 14 mins

Let's Dance!

5 Nov 2021 18:30
Three piglets in a pen
Video, 7 mins

Telling Stories with Young Children

6 Nov 2021 11:00
A street at night
Video, 5 mins

The Reassurance of Light

7 Nov 2021 15:00
Sign reading 'System change not climate change'
Event, 1 hr

Beyond COP26

17 Nov 2021 19:00
Classroom chairs
Video, 22 mins

Transitioning from School to Work

24 Nov 2021 12:30
Abstract photograph of neon light strands against a black background
Video, 6 mins

The South Yorkshire Office for Data Analytics

3 Nov 2022 13:30
Adults and children stand in front of sun that is setting on horizon and casting a golden light over the foreground
Video, 22 mins

Community Energy in Malawi

8 Nov 2022 14:30
Two people with a protest flag wrapped around them
Event, 2 hrs

Crimes of Solidarity

8 Nov 2022 16:00
An aerial view over Sheffield
Video, 1 hr

The SPERI Annual Lecture with Oliver Coppard - Mayor of South Yorkshire

8 Nov 2022 18:00
Two people holding hands
Video, 1 hr

Conversations About Palliative Care

2 Nov 2023 18:00
A house with solar panels
Event, 2 hrs

Community Energy: A solution for a fair net-zero future for all?

6 Nov 2023 19:00
A woman using a laptop sits on a bed next to a small dog
Video, 1 hr

Being Autistic and Considering Diagnostic Assessment

11 Nov 2023 12:00
An illustration of a couple sitting on a purple sofa in a living room, watching TV
Video, 5 mins

Animating Inclusion

9 May 2024 09:30