A caregiver holding the hand of an elderly man
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Care Matters

Care Matters

In this podcast series, researchers from the Centre for Care welcome experts in the field and those giving or receiving care to discuss crucial issues in social care.

two elderly people side by side sat on mobility scooters at the Spanish coast
Podcast, 25 mins

Caring for Older British Migrants in Spain

31 Jul 2020 12:00
A care home reception area
Podcast, 30 mins

Migrant Home Care Workers in the UK at a Time of Policy Change

18 Aug 2020 12:00
People sat around a work desk taking notes
Podcast, 40 mins

Waiting for a Long-term Care Revolution

25 Aug 2020 12:00
A woman using a medical scanning machine
Podcast, 30 mins

The Potential of Technology in Adult Social Care

21 Oct 2020 12:00
Two elderly people sat side by side on a bench under a palm tree
Podcast, 15 mins

A Lived Experience of Retiring to Spain

10 Nov 2020 12:00
An elderly woman with younger woman sat on a bench in a park looking at a phone together
Podcast, 25 mins

Young Carers, Working Carers and Caring at a Distance

20 Jan 2021 12:00
A smartphone displaying a QR code with various PPE materials placed around it
Podcast, 20 mins

Technology in Care and Covid 19

20 Jan 2021 13:00
An elderly lady in a wheelchair holding hands with a caregiver who crouches next to her
Podcast, 20 mins

Cultural and Gender Aspects of Care

20 Jan 2021 14:00
Flags of European countries lined outside the European Parliament building
Podcast, 20 mins

Care and Caring in Europe: Common Challenges, Common Solutions?

27 Jan 2021 10:00
The EU logo displayed on the European Parliament building in Brussels
Podcast, 35 mins

Long-term Care Services in the EU: Issues of Access and Quality

4 Feb 2021 13:00
A healthcare worker in blue uniform, wearing a PPE mask and looking down at the camera
Podcast, 30 mins

'Gig Economy' Care Platform Models: Impacts for the Workforce and the Market

17 Feb 2021 10:00
A paper chain of cutout people holding hands, symbolising community
Podcast, 40 mins

Social Prescribing: Improving People's Well-being by Connecting them with their Communities

18 Aug 2021 11:00
Blue surgical face masks
Podcast, 45 mins

Sustainable Care and Covid 19: Reforming Adult Social Care

7 Sep 2021 10:00
A female caregiver supporting an elderly lady stood with a walking stick
Podcast, 1 hr

Sustainable Care and Covid 19: Transnational Care in the Pandemic

3 Nov 2021 11:00
A person using a laptop with a stethoscope placed beside it
Podcast, 45 mins

Technology Enabled Care Services and the Pandemic: A Catalyst for Change

8 Nov 2021 10:00
A care worker and an elderly lady using a tablet to make a video call
Podcast, 50 mins

Homecare During the Pandemic: How Can Technology Aid Care Provision?

16 Nov 2021 11:00
A female careworker sat beside an elderly man, looking at a laptop together
Podcast, 45 mins

Commissioning Differently: Evolving Personalised Care with Technology

17 Nov 2021 12:00
A digital screen with health related symbols emerging from it
Podcast, 45 mins

Technology and Care: Startups and Innovators

24 Nov 2021 11:00
A caregiver holding the hand of an elderly patient lying in bed
Podcast, 1 hr

Migrant Workers and the Delivery of Long Term Care in Austria, Australia and the UK

25 Nov 2021 12:00
An empty office with desktop computers
Podcast, 1 hr

Digital Shift and Connectivity

1 Dec 2021 10:00
A gloved hand holding a covid vaccination kit and plasters
Podcast, 30 mins

No Jab, No Job: 3 Months On

1 Feb 2022 10:00
A cheerful elderly woman embracing an elderly man in a wheelchair
Podcast, 35 mins

Improving Adult Care Together

4 May 2022 10:00
A young adult with Down's Syndrome smiling with his arm around an older woman and an older man stood beside him
Podcast, 35 mins

Improving Adult Care Together

4 May 2022 12:00
An elderly women in a care facility hugging a younger woman
Podcast, 35 mins

The Right to Be Me

6 Aug 2022 10:00
An elderly man looking out the window with one hand against the glass
Podcast, 40 mins

Care Poverty: In Conversation with Teggo Kröger

5 Oct 2022 10:00
A man and woman helping an elderly man to stand up from a bed
Podcast, 40 mins

The Invisibilities of Social Care: Perspectives from Unpaid Carers

8 Dec 2022 12:00
EU flag
Podcast, 50 mins

The EU Care Strategy: A Watershed Moment for Unpaid Carers and Care Workers across Europe?

26 Jan 2023 11:00
View of the river thames looking towards the Palace of Westminster
Podcast, 40 mins

Reflections on ’A gloriously ordinary life’: In conversation with Baroness Andrews

23 Mar 2023 10:00