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Exhibit, 30 days

Understanding Well-being Data

Exploring the concept of well-being data and its power and potential to shape society

What is well-being? How is it understood by different people in different times and places? What is the role of data in understanding well-being, and how can better understanding of well-being data improve shared understanding of societal problems, and make for a more understanding society?

Building on Dr Susan Oman’s research, Understanding Well-being Data is an digital exhibition, including three animations that explore these questions. The videos help you question assumptions that have underpinned centuries of social science, statistical and policy work, considering how well-being data work for politicians, scientists, key thinkers – and us all.

Scroll down to see the first short film on well-being, then one on data and one on understanding, before a virtual gallery of some of the characters and concepts from the film. All these are then presented in a slideshow format at the bottom if you prefer to interact with the media differently - we are all different after all.

The Films

The Virtual Gallery

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For more information on Dr Oman's new book, visit the Understanding Well-being Data website.

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The Exhibition

  • Sean Lovell, Film Direction and Production
  • Kieran Bentley, Animation
  • Carmela Caldart, Illustration