Illustration of two faces under a roof
Exhibit, 12 days

His House Our Home

A virtual exhibition exploring race and home through literature and visual art   

The multi-award-winning film His House (2020) depicts the harrowing experience of two asylum-seekers tormented by a sinister force in their new English residence. The film metaphorizes the anti-black system haunting Britain, and invites important questions: how do we dismantle the racially oppressive structures that determine our everyday existence? What would a society without such structures look like? How do we tear down His House and build Our Home?

This virtual exhibition showcases people's stories about making Britain home - the challenges, victories and future visions - alongside an historical exploration of systemic racism and xenophobia. It examines the ways people of colour have been denied a sense of home in various nations and locations, and considers the above questions as they appear in Gothic literature, Horror film, and AfroSpeculative art. 

Part of the national Being Human Festival.

The Virtual Gallery



Creative Partners

  • Kweku Sackey (K.O.G) 
  • Nyara School of Arts