The outline of a drone painted onto a road
Video, 27 mins

The World of Drone Art

Virtual Gallery Talk

Drone technology has created new worlds: new worlds of sensing and embodying the distant and otherwise inaccessible, and new socio-political and legal worlds of contemporary militarism which do not abide by traditional rules of warfare. As part of “The World of Drone Art” 3D virtual exhibition, Dr Beryl Pong presented a screencast about her research on the aesthetics of drones, touching on topics such as surveillance, the interrelations between the military and domestic realms, and the drone as a tool for technological prosthesis.

Dr Pong talked through some of the artworks displayed in the online gallery, including: the social media interventions of James Bridle; the aerial photography of Tomas van Houtryve; the bomb maps of elin o’Hara slavick; the elaborately decorated drone silhouettes of Mahwish Chishty; the thrift artwork of Joseph DeLappe; the cosmic drone paintings of Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox; the mechanical drone art of Addie Wagenknecht; and the digital methodologies of the human rights research agency Forensic Architecture.

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