Women's Digital Story-circles
Podcast, 40 mins

Women's Digital Story-circles

As part of the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences, this podcast wraps up the video-making and story-telling workshop series led by Pamela Richardson from the University of Sheffield. The project used an innovative, online participatory approach to help women in Zimbabwe to produce their own videos, share their stories, and support each other within digital spaces.

Lydia Kerin, Podcast host, speaks with some of the participants and facilitators of the workshop series to learn about the highlights, challenges and learnings.


The Project

  • Dr Pamela Richardson, Department of Geography & Institute for Global Sustainable Development (IGSD), University of Sheffield: Project Lead, Coordination and Course Facilitation
  • Alexandra Plummer, Video-co-lab, Graphics, Communications and Co-facilitation
  • Rudo Chakanyuka, PADA Platform, Graphics, Co-facilitation and Translation
  • Sikhethiwe Mlotsha, Kufunda Village, Co-facilitation and Translation

The Podcast

  • Lydia Kerin, Podcast host, Producer and Editor
  • Rudo Chakanyuka, Workshop co-facilitator, PADA Platform
  • Sikhethiwe Mlotsha, Workshop co-facilitator, Kufunda Village
  • Bridgetti Mambondiani, Workshop Participant
  • Dorothy Nyika, Workshop Participant
  • Artwork by Alexandra Plummer
  • Pamela Richardson, Executive Producer

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