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Sedentary Behaviour in the Workplace and Public Health

Episode 2

In this latest episode of Communicable Research, we're talking to Dr Kelly Mackenzie who works within the Public Health section at ScHARR. We'll be chatting about the issue of sedentary behaviour in the workplace and public health.

Kelly started her academic journey at the University of Leeds with her first degree in Medicine in 2007. At the same time Kelly completed an intercalated degree in Healthcare Ethics. Kelly went on to gain five years of clinical experience working in a variety of medical specialities, which included six months working in Melbourne, Australia.

Kelly completed a Masters in Physical Activity, after which she joined the Public Health Speciality Registrar Training Programme in the East Midlands. Kelly went on to undertake a Masters in Public Health and then completed a 12-month Academic Public Health Fellowship, which she carried out at ScHARR.

During this fellowship, Kelly conducted further primary research into sedentary behaviours in NHS staff and the use of the flipped classroom in postgraduate medical teaching. She then won a National Institute for Health Research Doctoral Research Fellowship (NIHR DRF).

Kelly completed the Fellowship in 2020 at ScHARR, at which point she received an honorary contract to continue work in ScHARR and re-joined the Public Health Specialty Training scheme.


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