Illustration by Daisy Meredith of a woman reading a newspaper with the headline 'Age, Sex & You'.
Video, 5 mins

Over the Hill, Under the Covers?

This film contains mature themes and sexual references.

What do you think will happen to your sex life as you get older? Sexuality is a ‘central aspect of being human throughout life’, according to the World Health Organization, so why is it that we tend not to think of older adults as sexual? This short film explores sexuality through an age-related lens, and invites you to think about the ways that social attitudes can influence how we understand and experience sexuality and intimate relationships.

Over the hill, under the covers? was designed to raise awareness of the importance of sexuality in people’s lives as they get older and the discrimination people can face due to ageism and other intersecting inequalities. It was also designed to draw attention to the Sexual Rights Charter for Older Adults. The Charter aims to ensure that people are treated with dignity and respect as they get older when it comes to their sexuality. It’s about inclusivity, human rights, and creating an age-friendly society.

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