Sheffield Cathedral interior
Video, 50 mins

An interview with Karen Armstrong

In conversation at Sheffield Cathedral

Henk de Berg speaks with Karen Armstrong, one of the world’s leading commentators on religious affairs and the author of multiple international bestsellers.

The interview first explores Karen Armstrong’s fascinating biography with its many ups and downs: her life as a nun, her degree in English at Oxford, and finally her career as a full-time writer and broadcaster.

The conversation then turns to her most famous book, A History of God, as well as The Case for God, an incisive critique of both religious fundamentalism and intolerant atheism.

The third and final part of the interview looks at Karen Armstrong’s 2022 book Sacred Nature: How Can We Recover Our Bond with the Natural World, which seeks to enrich the discussions about climate change with a holistic view of human beings and their environment – a view that is inspired by the world’s great religions.



  • Karen Armstrong, religious commentator

  • Henk de Berg, School of Languages and Cultures 

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