An elderly man and younger man walking side by side up a set of steps
Podcast, 40 mins

Intergenerational Research at the Only Connect! Conference

Episode 12

In this episode of ScHARR Communicable Research podcast Fiona Campbell speaks to collaborators and advocates in relation to Intergenerational Research. The podcast was recorded in Falmouth at the Only Connect! Conference in July 2022. In the podcast Fiona interviews some of the iGEN project team including Professor Jo Thompson Coon from the University of Exeter, Alison Clyde from Generations Working Together, consultants Iona Lawrence, Ellie Robinson-Carter, in addition to poet and advocate Ronald Amanze who wrote a poem about his experiences of loneliness.

The Poem

I was invited to contribute my thoughts

To a podcast on the subject of loneliness

Needing time to process my reply

I didn’t know what to say

Then later someone inquired

Ronald where have you been

And I just smile and said

I’ve been here, didn’t you see me

It’s lonely out here


- Ronald Amanze

The Blog

Jo Thompson Coon wrote a blog post about the Only Connect! Conference which you can read here.

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The Podcast

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