Two bottles of insulin and a needle
Podcast, 35 mins

Goodwill to Goodwin: Diabetes and the UK's first clinical trial of insulin

The first podcast in a series exploring medical discoveries in the last 200 years.

In 1923, Sheffield industrialist Sir Stuart Goodwin became one of the first diabetes patients in the UK to be treated successfully with insulin. The first episode of the Overend-Knight Medical History Podcast explains the prospects for diabetes patients in the 1920s, how the University of Sheffield was chosen by the Medical Research Council to run Britain's first clinical trials of insulin, and the innovative diabetes research that continues to this day.

⁠Stuart Goodwin before and after insulin⁠ – reproduced with permission of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.



  • Professor Allan Pacey (Head of Department, Department of Oncology & Metabolism)


  • Jackie Elliott (Senior Lecturer in Diabetes, The University of Sheffield)
  • Solomon Tesfaye (Professor of Diabetes Medicine, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)
  • Mike Collins (medical historian)




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