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Video, 5 mins

First Steps in Participatory Research

10 top tips for postgraduate and early career researchers

Do you worry about the power imbalances between the researcher and the people being researched? Do you want to use participatory methods but find them different from the kinds of methods you have been taught?

If you answered yes, this resource is for you!

Participatory Research is a method used across disciplines that tries to rebalance the power between researchers and the communities being researched. It means sharing the research process with communities or other partners. This video, and our accompanying handout, draws on the experiences of other academics to shine a light on the areas to consider before you start. Potential issues are raised along with tips to support you and your work.


Produced by Kirsty Kay & Esbjörn Wettermark

Illustration - Kate Griffin

Video and additional graphics - Rowan Piggot

Voiceover - Ash Steel

Original music - Rowan Piggot

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