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Ed Miliband MP in conversation with Paulette Edwards

Go Big

We face huge challenges in the world today, but former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband shows us that practical approaches exist for tackling everything from inequality to the climate crisis if we have the courage to think big. Inspired by the hit podcast, Reasons to be Cheerful, Ed offers some uplifting and practical solutions for remaking society. The future is not yet written. It's our job to write it. Go Big shows us how. 

Hear Ed Miliband in a lively and entertaining session looking at some of these crucial issues that affect us all. Ed is in conversation with Paulette Edwards, a presenter on BBC Radio Sheffield.

'Engaging, powerful and funny, Ed Miliband’s Go Big is an urgent call for democratic politics to rise up to the critical challenges of the 21st century' - Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Prime Minister of Iceland.

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