A young girl looking through a microscope at a public engagement event
Podcast, 20 mins

Delivering Public Engagement Activities

Episode 13

In this episode of the ScHARR Communicable Research Podcast, Andy Tattersall is joined by Dr Chris Blackmore who is a University Teacher located in the Mental Health group of Health Services Research within ScHARR.

Chris joined the University of Sheffield in 2002 to work on the SEPTIMUS project which developed and evaluated online Psychotherapy training resources. Since that time, he has been a tutor and Course Director on the course which became the MSc in Psychotherapy Studies. He has a wide interest in online learning, and in particular on the role of emotions in online learning, which was the topic of his PhD.

Chris is a keen advocate of public engagement and has delivered public engagement talks, but also he has been involved in publicly facing activities and projects as part of the University's Festival of the Mind, among other things.


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