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Conversations About Palliative Care

Discovering the power of palliative care through shared experiences

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This online panel discussion brings together researchers, healthcare professionals, people living with mesothelioma and their families for open conversations about palliative care. Palliative care has the potential to increase the wellbeing of both people with incurable conditions and their families, yet some are reluctant to engage with this care.

Drawing on expertise and first-hand experiences, the event explores questions such as: what is palliative care? How can it help both people living with health conditions and their families? What are the common misunderstandings around palliative care, and what is the reality? Whilst this can be a difficult topic, we hope through shared experiences and by uncovering misunderstanding, to explore how palliative care has the potential to help us all.

Led by the Mesothelioma UK Research Centre, University of Sheffield



The Film

  • Filmed by Jack Clayton and Jessannah Cooling
  • Produced and edited by Anna Hobin

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