A house with solar panels
Event, 2 hrs

Community Energy: A solution for a fair net-zero future for all?

Building on research funded by the University of Sheffield, this online discussion brings together representatives from co-operative energy groups in Sheffield (UK) and Canmore (Alberta, Canada), as well as researchers from the University of Sheffield and University of Alberta, to debate the role Community Energy Generation can play in a fair transition to a net zero future. 

How does community ownership contribute to meeting net-zero targets? Is it a solution that is open to everyone? What are the benefits and pitfalls? What can we all learn from comparing the experiences of an established group in Sheffield with a recently established community energy organisation in Canmore, Alberta - an oil rich, renewable energy reticent part of the world?

Led by Dr Robert Marchand, University of Sheffield



Filmed by

  • Jonny Hooton and Jack Clayton

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