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Communicating Public Health Research through the Media

Episode 6

For this episode of ScHARR Communicable Research we are joined by Dr Andrew Lee.

Andrew qualified in medicine from the University of Edinburgh and  following undertaking paediatric and tropical medicine training he then worked overseas running primary health care and tuberculosis control  programmes in Afghanistan.

Andrew has previously worked as a Public Health Consultant in Nottingham and as a director of primary care and population health with  the NHS. In addition, Andrew was a consultant in Communicable Disease Control with Public Health England.

Andrew joined ScHARR in 2008 and is based within the Public Health  section and is a Reader of Global Public Health. He also is the  Co-Editor-in-Chief for Public Health, and Public Health in Practice  journals of the Royal Society for Public Health.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Andrew has been active on  the web across platforms such as Twitter and The Conversation, as well  as other media channels discussing various topics relating to the issue.

This podcast is a discussion as to how Andrew has found the  experience of communicating his expertise and what tips he can share  with those wishing to do the same.


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