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Video, 1 hr

Being Autistic and Considering Diagnostic Assessment

Watch this animated film which looks at adults’ experiences of autism diagnosis. Informed by interviews and focus groups, this film talks about diagnosis as something to celebrate but also as a bittersweet experience, reflecting on the difficulties in accessing assessment and existing in a world 'not built for you'.

Led by Dr Harriet Cameron, University of Sheffield and Dr Luke Beardon, Sheffield Hallam University (funded by The British Academy and The Leverhulme Trust).


The Animation

The Research Team

  • Dr. Luke Beardon (Sheffield Hallam University)
  • Dr. Harriet Cameron (The University of Sheffield
  • 11 autistic co-researchers including Helen Jones, Dream, Steve Wilks, Michelle Hughes, and Sarah Chierico


  • The British Academy and Leverhulme via a Small Grant

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