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Advanced Practitioner roles within the NHS

Episode 7

In this episode Andy Tattersall talks to Suzanne Ablard who works as a Research Associate within the Health Services Research section at ScHARR. Suzanne works in the area of  Emergency Care Research and we discussed the work she is presently involved in looking at Advanced Practitioner roles within the NHS.

In 2014 Suzanne joined the Health Services Research Section of ScHARR and has worked on a number of research studies in the field of Emergency Care Research, including; identifying alternative care pathways for frequent users of the ED and an evaluation of GP services co-located with the ED across Yorkshire and the Humber. Suzanne graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2013 with an MA in Social Research and prior to that was awarded a BSC in Applied Psychology.

Suzanne's research interests involve developing new and innovative pathways of care for patients attending the Emergency Department.


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