A collection of books by Ann Radcliffe
Video, 5 mins

Discovering Ann Radcliffe

20 Mar 2023 10:00
A close up of the statue of Millicent Fawcett in Parliament Square, London. The banner reads 'courage calls to courage everywhere'.
Video, 5 mins

Making Women's History Public

27 Feb 2023 12:00
The Graduation displayed in Western Bank Library at The University of Sheffield
Video, 10 mins

Introducing the Graduation Textile

14 Dec 2022 13:00
Planet to Plate logo
Video, 2 hrs

Forgotten Food

17 Jun 2021 12:00
Illustration of Bolsover Castle
Video, 5 mins

Love and Intoxication in a Renaissance Pleasure Palace

19 Jan 2023 13:00
The handwritten script for Oedipus at Colonus
Video, 45 mins

Cassirer’s Oedipus: Distant Takes

24 Sep 2020 15:15
Salmon of Steel A Trail Through Sheffield (artwork)
Podcast, 35 mins

Salmon of Steel: Steel City River Walk

20 Sep 2020 09:00
Yellow, green and red fairground artwork, overlaid with the text 'Pete Tei A Life in Fairground art'
Video, 30 mins

Pete Tei

24 Jan 2022 09:00
Black and white photograph of fairground ride artwork depicting a dragon and tiger fighting
Exhibit, 5 mths

Engineering Fun 3D Tour

The Crucible Theatre in Tudor Square
Podcast, 1 hr

Crucible at 50 - Tanya Moiseiwitch

6 Oct 2022 11:00
The Crucible and Lyceum theatres lit up at night
Podcast, 35 mins

Crucible@50 – Ashley Barnes and Tedd George in conversation with Robert Hastie

23 Oct 2022 11:00
An old-style painting of a skull, a candle holder, a globe and a letter laid out across a table.
Podcast, 25 mins

How to Die Like a Romantic Poet

27 Oct 2022 11:00
Atlas holding up the earth and heavens, from William Cunningham, The Cosmographical Glasse (London, 1559)
Podcast, 35 mins

A Mirror of the Invisible: Shakespeare and Renaissance Science in the Modern World

15 Sep 2022 12:00
artist painting a galloper horse
Video, 4 mins

Galloper Horse Painting

24 Jan 2022 09:00
scrollwork painting
Video, 12 mins

Fairground Scrollwork

24 Jan 2022 09:00
painting a letter
Video, 14 mins

Fairground Signwriting

24 Jan 2022 09:00
Portrait view of Amy Goodwin
Video, 20 mins

Amy Goodwin

24 Jan 2022 09:00
The exterior of The Crucible
Podcast, 50 mins

Building The Crucible - Tedd George in conversation with Ashley Barnes

22 Oct 2021 12:00
Film still of Krebs Cycle graphic
Video, 20 mins

Sir Hans Krebs and the Krebs Cycle

10 Oct 2015 12:00
A green typewriter with a piece of paper loaded into it, the word 'News' has been typed at the top of the paper
Video, 1 hr

The Story of the News

17 Mar 2022 18:00
Sir Hans Krebs
Video, 2 mins

An Introduction to Sir Hans Krebs

15 Oct 2015 09:00
Interventions: Rethinking the Nineteenth Century books on a table
Video, 5 mins

Interventions: Rethinking the Nineteenth Century

3 Nov 2017 12:00
Stephen Scott
Video, 2 mins

Distant Lands: Roberts and Belk by Stephen Scott

23 Oct 2013 12:00
Joe Kriss
Video, 2 mins

Distant Lands: One Tree Hill by Joe Kriss

23 Oct 2013 12:00