Experts restoring the Graduation textile
Video, 5 mins

Restoring the Graduation Textile

Film 2

This is the second film following the conservation and restoration project of Diana Springall’s Graduation textile artwork following its removal from Western Bank Library  in 2021. This film provides an insight into Diana’s creation along with analysis of the plastic materials carried out by a 4 year chemistry student from the Department of Chemistry at the university. 

This is a documentary film commissioned by the University of Sheffield Library, to follow the major restoration project of a large scale textile work of art by Diana Springall. Installed in 1987, this work was in need of some restoration and care so in April 21, it was removed from the main hall back wall in Western Bank Library to start its conservation journey. This is one of three films documenting the process of the project to inform and raise awareness of this particular work and the University Heritage Collection.


The Film


Images reproduced by kind permission from Diana Springall and the University Archives

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