Digital artwork featuring aerial performers
Video, 1 hr

Physical Education

Four acts, four different interpretations of biochemical research, each written and devised by Sheffield circus artists. From the ‘Scales to Photosynthesis’ with Samrara Casewell to ‘How to Seduce a Magnesium Ion’ by Claire Crook via some death defying ‘Protein-Protein Interaction’ from Rebecca Solomon and Jess Abouzeid, witness incredible feats of human athleticism, flexibility and endurance as we tell the a story of life inside cells.

Film maker Michalina Kubiak worked with the artists to illustrate the science of enzymes, the molecular machines that regulate all processed in life. As the aerial performers skirt the rules of gravity – just like enzymes do – Michalina’s camerawork and editing enable us to see the action from different perspectives.

The scientific ideas are based on research by molecular biologist Dr Nate Adams, Michalina’s academic partner on the project. Nate assures us the films feature some of his favourite acronyms, and, of course, lasers.


The Film

  • Dr Nate Adams, School of Biosciences
  • Michalina Kubiak, Filmmaker
  • Samrara Casewell, Circus Artist
  • Claire Crook, Circus Artist
  • Rebecca Solomon, Circus Artist
  • Jess Abouzeid, Circus Artist


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