Plants growing in soil
Event, 2 days

{Make-Grow-Break} Phosphorus: From dirt to your DNA

Led by Dr Ryan Kaye    

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Tudor Square, Surrey Street, Sheffield S1 1DA
11am–3pm, Saturday 18—Sunday 19 September 2021

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The event

Phosphorus is a key element needed for our bodies to function from the storage of energy from food to the building blocks of cell membranes and DNA. Phosphorus gets into our food from the soil through plant roots or mycorrhizal fungi that interact with roots. 

Dr Ryan Kaye from our Department of Animal & Plant Science will run activities demonstrating the route the phosphorus in the soil takes to get into our bodies and how it gets back into the soil again.

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Project led by

Dr Ryan Kaye

Animal and Plant Sciences, School of Biosciences

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