DNA double helix structure
Event, 2 days

{Make-Grow-Break} How do we grow?

Led by Rachel Ashworth    

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Tudor Square, Surrey Street, Sheffield S1 1DA
11am–3pm, Saturday 18—Sunday 19 September 2021

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The event

Researcher Rachel Ashworth, from Biomedical Science, has devised an easily understood and entertaining method of explaining the science of DNA. 

Our cells generally stay the same size, so for us to grow taller they must increase in number. To do this they duplicate their contents and split it evenly between two new cells. The process of cell division is called mitosis; come and learn how this happens with a yummy hands-on activity.

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Resources for home activities

As part of this project there is also a series of accompanying activity sheets available to download. 

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Rachel Ashworth

School of Biosciences

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