A women wearing white face paint
Video, 18 mins


A short film about home    

Adam leads a simple life. He wakes, goes to work each day, and returns to his tidy home, trying to bother no one. Yet he finds himself continually antagonized by people, no matter how he tries to fit in. And then one day he encounters a beautiful but strange woman who will change his world and teach him to demand more from the place he calls home.

Commissioned as part of the His House Our Home project, the film explores the themes of race and home in Britain.



The Film

  • Story by Kweku Sackey
  • Written by Maisha Wester
  • Directed by Maisha Wester and Kweku Sackey
  • Cinematography by Freddie Kumah
  • Starring Driss Yamdah and Amba Illingworth


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