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Podcast, 40 mins

Health Inequalities: To What Extent are Decision-Makers and Economic Evaluations on the Same Page?

Episode 11

Within this Podcast, Seb Hinde (Health Economist, University of York) and Matt Franklin (Health Economist, University of Sheffield) discuss with Greg Fell (Director of Public Health, Sheffield) the extent to which decision-makers and economic evaluation frameworks are 'on the same page' when it comes to defining and quantifying health inequalities to help inform the commissioning of care services regionally, with a focus on the current care commissioning landscape across health and adult social care within England.

The discussion is based on a forthcoming paper titled "Health inequalities: to what extent are decision-makers and economic evaluations on the same page? An English case-study" published within Applied Health Economics and Health Policy, and which is being presented at the HSR UK and EuHEA 2022 conferences.


The Podcast

  • Matt Franklin, School of Health and Related Research
  • Seb Hinde, Centre for Health Economics, University of York
  • Greg Fell, Director of Public Health, Sheffield

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