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Video, 51 mins

Devolution and Levelling Up in South Yorkshire

Professor Philip McCann in conversation with Mayor Dan Jarvis    

Devolution to city-regions is now a major element of UK public policy, aiming to better connect citizens to decision-makers, and also to better tailor policy to the local context. City-region combined authorities are also seen as being central to the whole Levelling Up agenda. There are many different opportunities and challenges associated with the establishment and development of combined authority city-region bodies.

In this film, Dan Jarvis and Philip McCann discuss these issues and examine both the specific challenges facing the South Yorkshire region as well as the wider UK issues associated with Levelling Up.  



  • Philip McCann, Professor of Urban and Regional Economics at The University of Sheffield Management School
  • Dan Jarvis, Mayor of the South Yorkshire and MP for Barnsley Central

The Film

  • Jonathan Hooton and Ed Kirk, Creative Media at The University of Sheffield


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