Two people with a protest flag wrapped around them
Event, 2 hrs

Crimes of Solidarity

An online panel event

Around the world and across history, people move across territories and jurisdictions. In response to this movement state authorities have introduced a range of bordering techniques to control movement into and out of their territories. In the face of this bordering, migrants continue to move but with modified behaviour to account for border controls. In an increasing number of places this policy spiral is extended to include criminalisation of people who help irregular migrants, including those who are seeking asylum.

This event brings together activists working in different contexts: the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, the US, and Mexico to discuss how states are criminalising people who help migrants around the world. The event will also see the launch of the Crimes of Solidarity and Humanitarianism database, a project developed by Dr Lucy Mayblin, which aims to map the criminalisation of help for migrants globally. 



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