a coffee bean being held between a thumb and finger
Video, 5 mins

Coffee Break

Let’s talk drug criminalisation and coffee

A woman struggles to get support from family and society to cope with coffee drinking in a world where coffee is a criminalised drug. Instead, she is ostracised, persecuted, fired from her job, kicked out of home, and driven away from healthcare. If drugs are prohibited to protect people, why does it harm her so much? The short film portrays evidence-supported harms of criminalisation but does so with coffee to encourage people who do not use illegal drugs to think about compassionate and effective alternatives to criminalisation. The story involved the remunerated feedback of people who use or have used illegal drugs. Read about drug criminalisation in the 5-minute evidence brief (en español), also available as an enhanced accessibility document (en español).




The Film

  • Starring Nadia Edam
  • Directed & edited by Gabriel Fernández-Gil
  • Produced by Hugh Mann Adamson
  • Story by Juan Carlos Ocampo-Alvarado, Gabriel Fernández-Gil, and Hugh Mann Adamson
  • Cinematography and colour grading by Ed Swales
  • Casting by Studio 13
  • Location Castle House Sheffield
  • Executive Producer: Juan Carlos Ocampo-Alvarado
  • Produced by ENON films in partnership with the University of Sheffield

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