a picture of a forest
Video, 10 mins

Biodiversity is us

We depend on the natural world. It provides us with food, clean water, clean air and a myriad of other products and services that support life on Earth. We’re a part of nature, interlinked to all other life through the genetic relationships in our DNA and the food webs that connect all plants, animals and microorganisms. However the natural world is now under threat as never before. 

This short film explores how our research at the School of Biosciences is working to understand how species, populations and communities respond to changing environments. Our goal is to meet the challenges posed by climate change and the ensuing biodiversity crisis through CO2 capture, clean energy, global food security, sustainable agriculture, conservation and greener cities. Translating our research into practical solutions will help tackle these key challenges facing humanity – both today and in the future.

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