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Video, 1 day

Biodiversity a b c - Paul Evans

A film showcasing one of our exhibits from our BioFest that condenses the groundbreaking work of the University of Sheffield bioscientists into a short series of powerful messages.

Designed for maximum impact through large-scale projection and on screen, ‘Biodiversity a b c’ uses the narrative/visual power of the pop video – with bright colours, motivational messaging and striking graphics. An exciting mix of motion graphics and stills in an arresting split screen projection created by the artist Paul Evans in collaboration with The University of Sheffield researchers Dr Deborah Dawson, Dr Emma Hughes, Dr Nicola Nadeau and Halvina Saiya, and leading Sheffield designers Human – ‘Biodiversity a b c’ highlights our intimate connection with all living species at all scales from genetic biochemistry to the complex web of interactions that sustains all life on Earth. ‘Biodiversity a b c’ vividly highlights the positives of biodiversity whilst also indicating the challenges and responsibilities that lie ahead not only for our species but also for all those that we are so closely connected to.



  • Paul Evans, Artist
  • Leading Sheffield designers Human Studio


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