The team behind the 'Becoming Us' documentary
Video, 20 mins

Becoming Us

Global young people in Barnsley working together to build community

In 2022, a group of young people, researchers and artists from all over the world came together in Barnsley, UK to explore creative ways of bringing people together. The film shares the process behind the formation of an interactive exhibition called Becoming Us. The exhibition invites the public to see and understand the world through young people’s own words and creativity. Young people from diverse backgrounds provided a welcoming space for young sanctuary seekers, and worked together to interrogate what it means to build community, and how their passions could connect them. Participate in their journey of ‘Becoming Us’ by watching this film and hearing what they want to say about the world. This work was initiated as a part of the MIMY research project at the University of Sheffield.

Find out more about the Becoming Us group’s interactive exhibition and view their artwork here: 

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Find out more about the MIMY research project here:

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The Film

  • Sean Lovell, Director
  • Asma Kabadeh, Producer
  • Dr Thea Shahrokh, University of Sheffield, Producer
  • Interviewees: Ali, Arvi, Bilal Arshad, Helan Kurde, Kim, Muetesim Ahmed and Zurua



  • Made Together Programme and ESRC Impact Acceleration Grant, University of Sheffield
  • MIMY project, the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870700

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